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Accounting accountants 4500 yuan package and lodging

Accounting accountants 4500 yuan package and lodging

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Salary: 3000-5000 yuan / month
Location: No. 27, zone F, Xingtai timber market, Xingxian small hole village station, 321 National Road, Shishan, Foshan, South China Sea.
Job description:
1, examine and approve financial revenues and expenditures, review financial special reports and accounting statements, and countersign major financial revenue and expenditure plans and economic contracts.
2. Review the accounting information provided by the company; responsible for the cost accounting of finished products and the calculation of workers' wages, and the related entry work.
3. It is responsible for the audit of the report of the company and the subordinate units and the accounting statements of the group company, and compiling a comprehensive financial analysis report and a special analysis report to provide a reliable basis for the decision of the company's leadership.
4, formulate the company's internal financial, accounting system and working procedures, organize, implement and supervise the execution after approval.
1. Accounting related major, college degree or above;
2, earnest and meticulous, love and dedication, hard-working and good professional ethics.
3. Quick thinking, strong receptivity, able to think independently and be good at summarizing work experience.
4. Proficient in applying finance and Office office software, giving priority to financial system operators.
5, have good communication ability;
6. Accountant qualification certificate, and junior accountant qualification certificate is preferred.