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Barnard, the father of modern organization theory, believes that enterprises are cooperative organizations, and the root of their stability and sustainability is culture and morality.

It has been fifteen years ago. In the process of adapting to the integration of external and internal, a set of values, behavior patterns and basic assumptions are acquired, and the new members of the group are used as the basis for understanding, perceiving, and thinking related issues. That is, the enterprise culture of Jin Wei Ma: the spirit of enterprise: sincerity is like gold, integrity is the promise,unify knowledge and practice. In the world, all things change but they are sucked, and the cooperation of mutual encouragement can create the world of dreams. The Confucianists are sincere and willing to do things with their heart. With the promise of positive and heavy gold, you can draw a picturesque scene with you.


Enterprise's employee culture

Life, know how to find unusual things and human feelings in ordinary environment, and actively adapt and straighten out, so as to develop their extraordinary life. Work, understand the extraordinary work in ordinary jobs, but also need to invest whole-heartedly, so as to achieve their extraordinary career! "Cultivating, responsible, active, enterprising and inspiring", Kim Wei Ma excavated the potential of employees and grew together with enterprises.


The development model of enterprise

Multicomponent: to create independent brands. Two dimensional development: first, we should focus on brand building, and we should try our best to grasp the processing of agricultural products and beans.

The business culture of the enterprise

To gather people together, to be flexible and flexible, your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

Enterprise goal

Long term dedication and unremitting efforts to make the product quality have international competitiveness is our business goal.