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Craftsmanship heritage, excellent quality


Foshan Nanhai District Jinnuoyi Agricultural Products Processing Factory

The main processing production and sales of peeled green beans, peeled white beans, peas, selected red beans, green beans and vacuum sachets of mixed cereals

Foshan Nanhai District Jinoyi Agricultural Products Processing Factory was established in 1998 and is located at No. 27, Zone F, Xingtai Construction Timber Market, 321 National Road, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City. After nearly two decades of rapid development, the company has forged ahead and surpassed, becoming a large supplier and processing OEM producer of high-quality peeling green beans nationwide. The factory adopts international advanced technology, excellent production equipment, modern management mode, strict quality control and strong talent echelon to create the brand of "JINWEIMA".

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1998 Years

The company was established in 1998

25 years

25 years of development


Factory area

30 Province and City

Product sales throughout the country


Craftsmanship heritage, excellent quality

Grains and cereals refers to food crops in general, and is a collective term for food crops. [1] The five grains are: rice, wheat, soybeans, corn, and potatoes, while it is also customary to refer to grains other than rice and flour as miscellaneous grains.
In the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, the five grains are referred to as "japonica rice, soya beans, wheat, soybeans, and yellow millet," while in the Mencius Teng Wen Gong, the five grains are referred to as "rice, millet, jik, wheat, and beans," and in Buddhist rituals, the five grains are also referred to as " Barley, wheat, rice, soya beans, hemp", and then Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" recorded 33 kinds of cereals and 14 kinds of beans, a total of 47 kinds. There is also a theory that the five grains refer to five types of crops, namely "hanging, vine, root, horn, spike".

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Technical Strength

Technological innovation - constantly surpassing - creating the future


Automated Production Line

Automated and perfect production line, high standard production line management, quality control process, all-round quality control to ensure product quality.

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Large production scale

Three production lines are produced in parallel, with high daily production capacity and sufficient stock, which can be shipped on the same day of order to solve your needs from time to time.

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360 degree full service

Long hours online professional team to respond quickly, all-round for you to solve the problem! Factory direct sales, fully meet your needs.

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