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On the benefits of pea green beans

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Chen, about the advantages of peeling mung beans, you mentioned last time in our factory chat, but I want to know the index data of the detailed data. Are you?
The main food, such as rice, vegetables, meat and fruit, is mostly domestic, and the chemical accelerant, ripener and other chemical accelerates to increase the harvest.

Only mung bean, and the country's green bean from Burma, Brazil and other relatively backward countries, is completely natural natural natural growth results, a few months of the growth period even the insecticides are lazy to spray the country, although the green bean is not so great, but the most valuable is the pure natural without adding any urge to accelerate the ingredients, so I The experience of professional mung beans over the past twenty years really recommended that people should eat mung beans more healthfully.
The world is short of the seafood, but the real non-toxic and pollution-free natural ingredients, imported green beans, red beans are the rare grain in the grain, sincerely want to use their own recommendation and promotion, let everyone eat more imported mung beans, red beans,

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On the benefits of pea green beans