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It is true to hear that green beans can solve the traditional Chinese medicine.

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It is often heard that mung bean can solve the property of Chinese medicine and not drink it all together. Is this sentence true or false?
The role of mung bean in Li Shizhen's Compendium of Materia Medica is so described: "thick intestines and stomach." Make a pillow, a bright eye, a headache for the head. Except for the inverse. Cure pox poison, benefit swollen.
But for the swelling of mungbean, the author Meng Hui, the author of the earliest dietetic monograph in the world, has his unique view: "today, the green beans all tart the skin, that is, there is a little backwater, and if the disease has to be cured and the skin, can not be removed." So this green bean skin, can not be removed at will.
In the book of Pharmacology "Kai Bao" and "Ben Jing", the effects of mung bean are described as follows: "main erysipelas fever, rubella, hot gas to the dolphin, Sheng Yan juices clothing." Also cooked food, detumescence under the gas, pressure heat detoxification. "Clear eyes. Solution of Aconitum, arsenic, and drug poison.
In these books, most of them affirm the effect of green bean heat and detoxification and detoxification, but only do not talk about whether lentis can be used with other Chinese medicine at the same time, you say, are they stupid?
Of course not. This is from mung bean's four flavors and five flavours, the mung bean is cold and sweet, and the heart meridian. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxicating, diuresis, relieving heat, eliminating irritated and quench stomach.
The detoxification of mung bean is generally referred to as heat toxin, such as "Ben Jing Yuan". In the book of Materia Medica, it is said that the spleen and stomach are cold and slippery.
Generally speaking, the mung bean can detoxify, but generally it is heat toxin, because it is cold in itself, so it is not suitable to be taken with warm supplement and thermotherapy drugs at the same time. Mung bean is also unsuitable for taking Yang deficiency, spleen stomach deficiency and diarrhea.
But modern experimental research shows that mung bean has detoxification effect. If the drug contains organophosphorus, calcium, potassium and other components, mung bean will combine with these ingredients into precipitate, which will decompose the efficacy and affect the treatment. In this case, the mung bean can solve the medicinal properties of traditional Chinese medicine, but it is also relative. It can only play a role in a part of the drug. It can not be generalized and can not be used as a word.
However, mung bean is really a good thing. It can thick intestines and stomach, but also can clear up heat and relieve heat. How can we develop it better in summer?
Let's talk about the green bean soup. So the next question is, how can mung bean soup be cooked?
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It is true to hear that green beans can solve the traditional Chinese medicine.